Sex Fighter 2 parody not Street Fighter
Sex Fighter 2 launching on August 8
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Over 31 million units sold, over 1 billion dollars in revenue generated… in 1987! Those are the totals of the Takashi Nishiyama/Hiroshi Matsumoto ground breaking video game “Street Fighter”. Now I for one remember this game all too well and while its initial adaption was a great deal of fun to play, it wasn’t until the Capcom release of “Street Fighter II” that this franchise really got my attention and clearly I was not alone. The second installment of the franchise, while being a carbon copy of the first, generate a much larger following and in turn generated a much greater revenue stream. Why? The secret was in the added playable characters, their back story and the introduction of one female fighter in particular. “Street Fighter II” introduced the gaming world to the first sexy female protagonist, Enter Chun-Li. Now Chun-Li’s appeal was quite evident right off the bat and it had absolutely nothing to do with her character’s moves, although that being said her “Lightning Legs” move was and remains an awesome move to say the least. But let’s be honest here, Chun-Li’s appeal was all about her looks, and all about the infinite number of fantasies the users would undeniably think up in their minds while playing with her. Let me put it to you this way, every gamer out there has envisioned Chun-Li getting fucked every which way imaginable at least a thousand times over. And can you blame them? I can’t, I am one of them. Perfect big tits, powerful sexy legs and an ass that you could rest a tray upon… while spreading her cheeks and thrusting her in a raunchy anal sex fantasy. Now you can huff and puff all you like, but there is no denying that every time Chun-Li would be sent flying through the air and onto her back, you secretly hoped that her dress would hike up just a little bit further as you tried to catch a glimpse of her pussy. And we all secretly hoped that we could unlock a XXX rated game mode within the game that would in turn allow us to feast on Chun-Li’s body as she lay helpless and defeated on the ground. To tear off her dress, revealing her big natural breasts, to have her squeal and giggle as her panties were pulled down and finally to have her cum as Ryu, Ken, Sagat or any number of the playable characters proceeded to give this martial Arts minx a thorough fucking that she would not soon forget. Street Fighter II designers knew full well what they were doing when they created Chun-Li’s character, and years later the seemingly endless stream of Chun-Li Hentai and Manga porn sites and sex videos are proof positive of this fact. But let’s be honest here, one more time, while cartoon sex may be a fun imagining of Chun-Li’s sexual decadence, it pales in comparison to real live action porn in all its lewd and hardcore greatness. And so Chun-Li fans waited… and waited… and waited. We waited a long long time and it seemed we would wait forever to see proper a live action incarnation of our video game heroine in a proper fucking scene. But we need wait no longer, because our Chun-Li pornstar fantasies are about to become real! And who do we have to thank for this? If you don’t already know what the Best Pornsite in the world is, then you’ve been living under a rock or in Utah. That being said, only one porn producer could tackle such a lofty mandate and only one porn producer has a pedigree that includes the type of porno filmmaking that the live action fucking of Chun-Li would necessitate. With sites like Pornstar Punishment, Big Tits in Uniform, Hot Chicks Big Asses, Hot & Mean and Sexpro Adventures, you know that they have all the tools and know how to make Chun-Li’s long awaited pussy exploitation a rousing success. That’s right, Brazzers has come out with a spoof on the classic video game and this is one porn video you do NOT want to miss. Sex Fighter II is everything a horny gamer could have ever wished for. Three Hardcore rounds of fighting and fucking, awesome sound effects that will bring any gamer back to the days of the original game and fantastically accurate costumes. So who are the combatants in this Brazzers spoof of the original “Street Fighter II” game? Well if you know porn, you know Brazzers, and if you know Brazzers you know that one pornstar in particular was born for this role, French Asian superstar Katsuni plays the perfect Chun-Li in this tongue in cheek adaptation of the classic fighting game. Of course the fact that this celestial vixen hosts her own mainstream Hentai show in France is further indication that she is tailor made to play the role of the sultry yet innocent female martial artist. And who does Katsuni battle it out with in this sure to be a fan favorite sex spoof? Taking on the role of Street Fighter’s title character Ryu, is Keiran Lee, and he too seems right at home in this hardcore sexual martial arts romp. He has the Kung Fu skills and more importantly the Kung Fu cock to do some serious damage to poor little Katsuni’s pussy. The fun starts When Chun-Li; I mean Katsuni, gets knocked to her knees and devises a slutty way to attempt to turn the tide of round 1. Now I won’t tell you who wins what round or how, but each round is hotter, raunchier and better than the last. In True Brazzers fashion, the fucking is Hardcore, explicit and thorough, and in true Brazzers fashion the production value is high. The combat sequences lead into the sexual debauchery fluidly, the “Cumbo” points build up perfectly and watching the characters health meter drop with each, fuck, suck, lick, stroke or poke is awesome. Without giving anything away, the writers at Brazzers create their own adaptation of Chun-Li’s signature game move, the “Lightning Legs” and believe me, it is quite the finisher. This Brazzers Sex spoof is by far and away the best I have scene, and with a long line of great sexual spoofs like Reservoir Sluts and Marilyn Ho and JFKock to name two of the best, that is saying a lot. As a big fan of the original Capcom game I was looking to find flaws in this porn production, but I am pleased to say that my Chun-Li sexual fantasy has come to life flawlessly. For those of you original Street Fighter II fans out there, let me answer your question ahead of time… yes there is a bonus round. I for one hope that the rest of the characters that were cameo’d in the introduction all get there turn in the Brazzers Sex Fighter arena!